Riley Holloway


Riley Holloway, born in Los Angeles, CA (1989), currently lives and works in Dallas, TX. Growing up, he developed an early interest in art, learning from his mother, who is an artist herself. He attended The Art Institute of Dallas and the Florence Academy of Art.

Holloway is best known for his dynamic work and fresh look at figurative art. His images are often accompanied by text and personal references embedded within the work. Holloway uses a traditional oil painting technique and bold lines to create depth within the portraits. There is a wonderful counterbalance of softness and masculinity seen in the works. 

Holloway’s aesthetics create familiar spaces that are rich in storytelling, free from constraints, and true to his subjects.  His content is rich in drama, history and intimacy.

Studio visit and Q&A with artist Riley Holloway

Artist Statement

My work begins with the individual. I've always been an observer of people and run into individuals who inspire me through their fashion, personality, or conversation. I am for creating pieces that are rich in storytelling, free from constraints, and true to the person I'm painting. This is accomplished by letting the individual's narrative drive my work. I use traditional drawing and oil painting techniques to communicate the qualities of each individual.